Indonesia, Bali is a major tourist destination in South East Asia. From rice terraces, coral reefs to magnificent beaches, spectacular natural beauty combined with deep cultural and artistic roots makes Bali a perfect destination to stimulate students imagination and conceptual thinking in a unique cultural setting.

Environmental and Development Initiatives

Examine the impact of development on the environment considering issues such as environmental pollution and resource depletion along Bali’s coastal environment. Explore ways in which we may change the nature of future development to make it more sustainable.

Cultural Studies

From ancient and epic works of art, architecture and cuisine, to the mesmerising spirituality of the Hindu religion and culture on the island, that’ll give students some insight into the day-to-day life of the Balinese.

Performing Arts

Learn with Balinese artists and performers to stimulate imagination, sensitivity, conceptual thinking, powers of observation and analytical ability. Students will gain skills in Balinese music, dance, art, design and drama. Examine and compare the work of artists from different cultural contexts.


A major tourist destination in South East Asia. Learn about the impact of development and tourism that has on the island’s infrastructure, ecosystem and community. With rapid development and increased tourism, students will discuss the impacts of our actions and how they can be mitigated.

Destination & Education Tours

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