Cambodia is a destination to learn, discover and admire and will leave a strong impact on students. Take the time to uncover the contrast between the country’s developing cities and rural villages along with learning about the history of the country, both ancient and modern from the magnificent era of Angkor to the dark period of the Khmer Rouge.

Development Economics

Take time to in a rural Cambodian village to discuss, debate and reflect on economic development and how it is measured, the role of domestic factors, international trade, foreign direct investment, foreign aid and multilateral development assistance and international debt. Compare these academic areas to the real lifestyle and livelihoods of the communities you visit.

Environmental Systems and Societies

Travel the Mekong River to gain a first-hand perspective on the interrelationships between environmental systems and societies. The Mekong is being used by impoverished countries to lift people out of poverty. However, can large scale international development trickle down to the local level?. Are adequate safeguards in place to protect the environment and sustainable livelihoods?.


Learn about the dark chapter of a widely unknown period of Cambodian history, when the country’s ruling regime, the Khmer Rouge, closed its borders and set to create a new “better” society. From 1975 to 1979, It came with a tragic cost of 3.5 million lives, ruined economy and 20 years of civil war.

Art and Culture

Khmer traditional culture were endangered during the years of the communist Khmer Rouge regime. Traditional and performing arts and craft were totally banned. There were fears that Khmer culture had been lost forever. However in recent years, there has been a great  revival of Cambodia’s traditional arts & craft. Students can experience a variety of activities to stimulate there imagination with learning from experienced Cambodian artists. These activities range from ceramics, art, silk and textiles.

Destination & Education Tours

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