Paradise River White Water Rafting

Enjoy a day of white water rafting on the Ayung river. With your expert adventure guides, paddle along the river rapids and view the native flora and fauna. See hidden waterfalls and jump in to cool off in the refreshing waters. Prior to the water rafting, the expert adventure guides will provide detailed safety instructions.


Odyssey Submarine Bali is one of the most exciting underwater activity where students can discover the beautiful Bali undersea from witnessing coral reefs, fish, stingrays, shipwrecks and if you are lucky smaller sharks without diving. During the whole adventure, safety is guaranteed in this highly sophisticated vessel because of its constant contact with the surface support craft, moreover, your voyage will also be smooth and easy as your qualified pilot and co-pilot will guide you.

Bali Treetop Adventure Park

Bali Treetop Adventure Park is an outdoor ropes course set in Bali’s sprawling Botanical Gardens. With 7 adventure circuits and over 70 challenges to choose from. Safety is there number 1 priority, and students will remained attached to a life-line support throughout the entirety of the circuits. Patrol guides will also be situated along the circuits ready to advise or assist as needed – giving support from above and below.

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