Cambodian Living Arts

Cambodian Living Arts is to facilitate and create an environment where Cambodian arts empower and transform individuals and communities. Living Arts Experiences provides activities and services tailored to provide students an opportunity unlike any other to learn and experience Cambodia through the lens of arts and culture.

Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts Centre

Khmer Ceramics & Fine Arts centre showcases skills and knowledge about traditional Cambodian pottery, ceramic and porcelain arts in Cambodia. Students can participate in a pottery and ceramics painting class in which they will meet and work with local craftspeople eager to share there knowledge and skills.

Artisans d’ Angkor Craft Workshop

Artisans Angkor is a Cambodian company which was created at the end of the 1990’s to help young rural people find work near there home village. Artisans is intended to provide a sustainable and fair development of arts and crafts in the Siem Reap province offering young artisans traditional craft jobs such as stone and wood carving, lacquering, gliding and silk related jobs.

Pouk Silk Farm

Enjoy the Cambodian countryside and learn about the age – old tradition of producing Cambodian silk. Students will have a guided tour that explains the meticulous process of silk production, from cultivating mulberry bushes to the Cambodian ikat technique and the dyeing, weaving and creation of silk fabrics.

Bophana Film Center

The Bophana Center is the sole institute in Cambodia dedicated to preserving the audiovisual heritage of the nation. The center acquires film, television, photography and sound archives on Cambodia from all around the world. The centre’s varied programme includes documentary photography exhibitions, film screenings and performance art, organised in a bid to engage the local community.

Institute of Khmer Traditional Textiles

The Institute of Khmer Traditional Textiles specialises in the revival of Cambodian silk. Throughout history, Khmer silk weaving has been regarded among the best in the world, however after years of war this ancient art form was almost lost. The beauty of such silk has been its saviour. The Institute of Khmer Traditional Textiles take a purist approach to the reproduction of traditional textiles, not just by recreating the style but also by following the traditional practice seen a thousand years ago in the ancient times of the Angkor dynasty. This has meant the planting of a traditional forest where everything from the natural dyes to the silk can be harvested in the rich natural environment. Students will enjoy a guided tour along with participating in a workshop.

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