Vientiane Cultural Tour

Students will enjoy a cultural tour of Vientiane, the former French colonial capital. We begin to see the major sights of the capital, including Wat Sisaket, which contains more than 8000 Buddha statues, Wat Ho Prakeo the former home of the Emerald Buddha statue and That Luang Stupa, the single most important monument in Laos. We also see the Patuxay, which was built in commemoration of those who died during past wars and today it is the city’s main landmark. After we transfer out to see Buddha Park, a scattered and enchanting collection of Buddhist and Hindu sculptures near the Friendship Bridge. There are approximately 200 religious images here dating back over 500 years.

Arts and Ethnology Centre

Luang Prabang’s Traditional Arts & Ethnology Centre is dedicated to the preservation and celebration of the many ethnic groups existing in Laos both today and in the past. This cultural display of arts and lifestyles reflect a very diverse ethnic population. Permanent exhibitions feature traditional textiles and clothing, jewellery, religious artefacts, handicraft tools, baskets, photography and household objects. The museum offers visitors a rare glimpse into the life of Laotian people giving a greater understanding to their richly diverse culture with quotes, photos and videos bringing the exhibits to life.

Tamarind Cooking Class

Students will participate and cook Lao food and learn about the habits and customs at the heart of Lao cuisine. Fresh ingredients are at the heart of Lao cuisine, with some intriguing and unfamiliar flavours. First proceed on a tour of the local food market, then out to a stunning lake-side open air pavilions where you cook and eat various Lao dishes including sticky rice; lemongrass stuffed with chicken; fish steamed in banana leaves and laap, a dish of herbs and minced meat.

OCK POP TOK Living Crafts Centre.

The Living Crafts Centre is the perfect place to learn more about the fascinating world of Lao textiles and handicrafts. Students will enjoy a guided tour of the artisan institution where they will learn how Laos textiles from the silkworm to the finished product. The knowledgeable staff will teach about how natural dyes are made and the most popular weaving techniques in Laos. Then proceed for a workshop class where students will be accompanied by master weavers and experienced teachers where you can try your own hand at traditional crafts. A wide range of classes in silk weaving, natural dyes, batik drawing and bamboo weaving are available.

Pathana Boupha Antique House

Pathana Boupha Antique House is one of the most impressive collections of historical items in Luang Prabang, and is located at a colonial French mansion. It exhibits extremely diverse things, for example, old royal government pictures, antique money, armour and jewelry, some of which belonged to the famous people of Laos. It also specializes in different kinds of fabric from all ethnic groups around the country.

Mulberries Silk farm.

A family silk farming and handicraft cooperative. The purpose of the farm is to revive and encourage the Lao traditional practice of silk fibre production, by providing training and support in silk worm rearing, art and craft practices of weaving. Today the cooperative consists of 3,000 farmers, weavers and artisans from over 200 village families aiding the social and economic development of the rural villages. Students will enjoy a guided tour and viewing the silk making process.

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