Sabah Museum

The Sabah Museum consists of the science and education centre, heritage village, art gallery and museum of Islamic civilization. Inside are various galleries housing natural history, ceramics, ethnography and archaeology exhibits, among others. There is a heritage village on the museum grounds where you can enter and experience different types of traditional houses of the various indigenous groups of Sabah.

Borneo Cultural Village

Explore the traditional typical houses of Borneo ethnic communities and see their ancient life style through a museum type cultural village. Students can join the in-house activities by exploring the village with activities such as bamboo fire starter, hanna tattoo, blow-pipe, and performing in a traditional dance.

Mari Mari Cultural Village

Students will be ushered to the warmth of different homes of the ethnicities of Sabah. Each home was built by descendants of the tribes they represent such as the ethnic tribes, namely the Bajau, Kadazan, Rungus, Muruts and others. Acquaint ourselves with each tribe as they let us come into their house and their simple yet intricate lives.

Rumah Terbalik Cooking Class

Enjoy a visit to Southeast Asia’s first Upside Down House, “Rumah Terbalik and enjoy a traditional Sabahan cooking class. Pick up fresh local herbs from the garden and learn about their nutritional values along with other ingredients used to create the delicious dishes with a professional chef. After preparing the and cooking the dishes, you will be able to enjoy the fruits of your labour.

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