Borneo Marine Research Institute, Aquarium & Marine Museum

Borneo Marine Research Institute, Aquarium & Marine Museum at the University Malaysia Sabah, which is dedicated to inspiring ocean conservation through education, research, innovation and exploration. The museum offers close viewing of the fossils of marine flora and fauna, including seaweeds, corals, turtles and marine mammals. A mangrove walk area reminds students of the need to conserve and rehabilitate this remarkable coastal vegetation. Students will also watch a video presentation about marine biodiversity of Sabah.

Desa Cattle Dairy Farm

Nestled in the foothills of Mount Kinabalu, Desa Cattle Dairy Farm boasts one of the most magnificent scenery and is a sight to behold. It is often described as the “Little New Zealand of Sabah”. The Desa cattle dairy farm is 200 hectares in size and the farm producers a million liters of milk annually. Majority of the milking cows are Holstein – Friesan, the highest milk producers of all cattle breeds. Students will enjoy a guided tour along with viewing the milk processing plant along with the milking station.

Sabah Tea Garden

Sabah Tea Garden is the largest commercial tea plantation in Borneo and the only organic tea farm. Students will enjoy a guided tea processing factory tour. They will learn about tea cultivating, harvesting, and processing. Students will also get a personal experience of harvesting the tea leafs and discover ideal tea brewing techniques.

Kinabalu Park & Poring Hot Spring

Kinabalu Park, Malaysia’s Natural Heritage Site and a UNESCO World Heritage site. Arrive at Kinabalu Park, and enjoy the cool and refreshing mountain air. If the day is clear, a majestic view of Mount Kinabalu, the highest mountain in South East Asia. Proceed for a guided walk along the nature trails with the park naturalist. While walking, listen to the sounds of the jungle and observe nature’s plants, trees, orchids and butterflies. Kinabalu Park boasts an estimated 4,500 species of plants which includes 1,500 species of orchids, 77 of which are endemic to Kinabalu. The park also supports 289 species of birds and 290 different types of butterflies. After students will proceed to the Poring Hot Spring.

Klias Wetland River Cruise

Kota Klias Jetty and will board the boat for the river cruise to search for the odd nosed monkeys of Borneo, the Proboscis Monkeys. The only place in the world where proboscis monkeys occur is the island of Borneo in South-East Asia. They are forest-dwellers and are limited mainly to coastal swamp forests and to forests next to large rivers. On this cruise, an opportunity to learn the traditional method of catching fish and prawns. When darkness sets in, on the return journey to the jetty, witness nature’s display of Christmas lights, the Fireflies.

Kinabatagan River Cruise

Kinabatagan River – Sabah’s largest river that is now being hailed as the “Amazon of Borneo” for the treasure trove of the most diverse concentrations of wildlife in Southeast Asia. Students will enjoy a 2.5-hour jungle river cruise in search of Bornean endemics and other species. Our wildlife safari should include sightings of hornbills, proboscis monkeys, long-tail macaques, kingfishers, blue-eared kingfishers, night herons, egrets, oriental darters, storm’s storks, fish eagles, hornbills, Asian reticulated pythons, mangrove snakes, crocodiles and monitor lizards.

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