Matang Wildlife Centre

The Matang Wildlife Centre is located in the Kubah National Park. This large enclosed area of rainforest is home to endangered wildlife. These enclosures will be located in the rainforest so that the living environment is rather similar to that found in the wild. An information centre and education programmes will provide students with further details on the wildlife in Sarawak and the conservation efforts. Students will be able to see lots of orang utans here, especially during feeding time. Besides these adorable primates, there are also sun bears, sambar deer, civet cats as well as three large aviaries that house sea eagles, Hornbills and other birds in Sarawak.

Kubah Eco Tour

Kubah National Park was established in 1989 to conserve the exceptionally rich plant, bird and amphibians life of the Serapi Range near Kuching. The 2,230 hectre park is is heavily forested dotted with beautiful waterfalls. The Kubah eco tour is a 4 hour guided walk by one of Sarawak’s Forestry scientists and will cover a variety of eco – related topics.

Jongs Crocodile Farm

Set amidst the charming backdrop of tall tropical trees, lush vegetation and local fruit trees lies this unique farm with over a thousand crocodiles bred in captivity and one of the largest crocodile breeding farm’s in the country. The farm provides a perfect sanctuary for the reptiles, saving the species from extinction. There are huge and deep concrete ponds and natural breeding grounds for the crocodiles to mate and multiply. Students are able to gaze at the snapping jaws, cold menacing eyes, sharp pointed teeth and powerful lashing tails of the crocs within short distance yet safe because of the metal fence. Apart from crocodiles there are also numerous rare species of birds and animals.

Bako National Park

Bako National Park was established as a National Park since 1957, Bako offers the perfect introduction to Sarawak’s forests and wildlife. The park covers the northern tip of the Muara Tebas Peninsula, an area of 27 sq km. Despite its seemingly small size, Bako contains a wide range of vegetation, swamp forest, scrub-like padang vegetation, mangrove forest, dipterocarp forest, delicate cliff vegetation and more. Bako also contains a rich variety of wildlife such as long-tailed macaque monkeys and wild boars.

Wind Cave

The Wind Caves which was formed some 100-150 million years ago. View the beautiful and some eerie shape of nature creations, the stalactites and stalagmites. The Wind Cave is a dramatic contrast consisting of multiple river passages through the rock leading to an entrance on the far side of the hill overlooking the Sarawak river. A raised wooden platform walkway leads through the cave giving a close up view of the bats roosting nearby.

Santubong Wildlife Cruise

This late afternoon tour we commence with a cruise along the rivers, creeks and mangroves of the Santubong Peninsular and the mouth of the Santubong River. You first cruise to the mouth of the Santubong River, where Irrawaddy Dolphins are regularly sighted. From there you cruise the mangrove-lined rivers and estuaries looking for wildlife, including Proboscis Monkeys. Groups of these strange looking monkeys are often seen amongst the mangroves at the water’s edge. As the light fades your boatman searches for fireflies and crocodiles. After enjoying a firefly light show, you return back to the boat club.

Gunung Gading National Park

Gunung Gading National Park is Sarawak’s main conservation area for the Rafflesia, the world’s largest flower. The Rafflesia tuan-mudae blooms in this national park and can grow up to one metre in diameter. The park also offers a number of attractive walking trails, leading through primary rainforest to beautiful waterfalls.

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