Halong Bay

A UNESCO World Heritage site with its collection of 1,900 beautiful islands and jagged islets, is one of the new 7 wonders of nature. Enjoy a Halong Bay cruise, students can discover the mystical beauty of secluded grottoes and narrow lagoons as you glide on turquoise water, past quaint rowboats and floating villages along with visiting limestone stalactite caves.

Thuy Bieu Village

Thuy Bieu is a laid back rustic ancient village. Students will enjoy an enriching experience at one of Hue’s leading eco-villages. Enjoy a boat cruise on the perfume river, a trip that is combined with leisurely bicycling on tranquil, shady paths. Also enjoy tasting seasonal local fruit, try your hand at making local handicrafts, and help to prepare lunch with a guided chief instruction with dining on traditional Hue dishes.

Mekong Delta

Discover the beauty of the Mekong Delta. A unique opportunity in discovering the heart of Vietnam from cultural discovery of rural communities to the agricultural rice paddy fields and fruit orchards. Students will enjoy a full day tour cruise on a traditional bamboo riverboat witnessing riverside villages, market stalls and the slow pace of life on the Mekong river.

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