Sarawak Museum

The oldest museum in Borneo. The Sarawak Museum, has one of the best collections in Southeast Asia. It houses an exceptional ethnographic collection, natural history displays and a section on the oil industry in Sarawak.

MBKS Pictorial Gallery

The MBKS pictorial gallery offers a pictorial collection and artifacts that gives truly captivating images of Kuching Sarawak local history reigning from the era of the British colony to the days of Malaysian’s independence. Witness the rich and intriguing historical transformation, development and growth of Kuching from a small village to a modern city of what it is today and the inherent social fabrics of the present society.

Petroleum Museum

In the Petroleum museum, there are various exhibits displayed that shows the history and technological development of the petroleum and gas industry in Sarawak and Malaysia. Students will have a chance to view the popular Grand Old Lady located just outside of the museum, which was the the first oil well in the country dating back to December 1910.

Brooke Heritage Tour

The brief reminiscence of once upon a time beginning in 1841, Kuching was a fabled place of romance ruled by the White Rajahs. The Brooke family of 3 generations ruled Sarawak for a century until the Japanese occupation in December 1941 during World War 2. The Architectural legacy of the dynasty can be seen in many of the country’s nineteenth century and colonial heritage buildings such as the Old Court House, Astana, Fort Margherita and the Central Post Office.

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