Laos is South East Asia’s least populated and one of the least developed countries. Exposing students to the spiritual heart of Laos in temples old and new, connect with its citizens on the streets of its colonial cities and travel between destinations through miles of untouched natural beauty.

Development Economics

Take time to in a rural Lao village to discuss, debate and reflect on economic development and how it is measured, the role of domestic factors, international trade, foreign direct investment, foreign aid and multilateral development assistance and inter-national debt. Students will gain an understanding of the significance of the economic impact of socialism and rural to urban migration in the region.


Laos, officially known as the Lao People’s Democratic Republic, is one of the world’s five remaining single-party socialist states officially supporting communism. Discuss communism as a system of government.

Poverty and Development

One of the poorest nations in South East Asia. The remote Mekong communities of Laos highlight the characteristics of countries at different levels of development. This allows comparison of access to basic needs for human life such as: enough food, clean water, housing, health care, education.

Cultural Studies

Discover the rich culture of Laos. From the land of golden temples, majestic moun- tains and magnificent scenery to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Luang Prabang, Students will be exposed to authentic Laos cultural life with tours of villages, adven- tures, activities and community service.

Destination & Education Tours

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