Virtually cut off from the rest of the World. Myanmar has been untouched by visitors for decades. The closed door policy of the ruling military junta (1962-2011) led to economic stagnation, crumbling infrastructure and slow development, but protected the vast nature reserves, colonial buildings and ancient Buddhist history which make Myanmar the jewel that it is today and an immersive learning experience for students.

Development Economics

Take time to in a rural Myanmar village to discuss, debate and reflect on economic development and how it is measured, the role of domestic factors, international trade, foreign direct investment, foreign aid and multilateral development assistance and international debt.


Myanmar offers students a unique insight of ancient traditions and a rich colonial past. Since 1989, Burma has become Myanmar. It’s capital Yangon was renowned as “The Queen of the East.” Students will discuss the impact of Myanmar history from British colonialism, to a ruling military junta and to its first democratically elected government in 2016.

Poverty and Development

Myanmar, scarcely touched by rapid industrialization of its Southeast Asian counterparts. The closed door policy of the ruling military junta (1962-2011) led to long isolated economic embargoes, with being criticized for its human rights and economic policies. One of the poorest nations in South East Asia. Students can discuss the comparison of access to basic needs for human life such as: enough food, clean water, housing, health care and education.

Cultural Studies

Experience the authentic blends of untouched Myanmar and immerse yourself in Burmese culture. From the world cultural heritage sites of Bagan and Mandalay to the endless sea of temples and pagodas which are the most revered monuments in Southeast Asia. Students will be exposed to authentic Burmese cultural life with tours of small villages, adventures, activities and community service.

Destination & Education Tours

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