The ultimate learning travel experience for Students. Singapore is a 21st century learning destination that provides an enriching environment for broad-based learning. A plethora of highly stimulating experiences in Singapore await students — from science, technology, design, culture and much more. Singapore’s excellent infrastructure and secure, inviting environment make packaging innovative, exciting education tour packages for students.


Singapore is a driving source for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in Asia. Singapore has one of the highest achieving students in international education rankings, with its students regularly coming top in tests in maths, reading and science. Gain a understanding and the role of the Smart Nation services in STEM that Singapore is developing for its citizens.

Business Studies

Today, Globally Singapore boasts a successful free-market economy and ease of doing business, a much-touted urban development strategy, and a government noted for its lack of corruption and its benefits from a highly skilled workforce. Gain an understanding of secondary and tertiary industries and how industries are likely to locate themselves near the inputs they require. Explore the possibilities of doing business in a Asian organisation.


Explore how Singapore has tackled the dilemmas of sustainability to achieve balance between economic growth and sustaining a livable environment. Students get to explore, investigate, assess, and reflect on Singapore’s development.


Study the period during World War 2 and the battle and fall of Singapore. The fighting in Singapore lasted from the 8th – 15th of February 1942. It resulted in the capture of Singapore by the Japanese and around 80,000 British and allied troops including 15,000 Australian troops became prisoners of war.

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