Culture & History school trips to Japan

Take a fascinating journey into Japan, where will give students an exclusive insight into Japanese history and culture. From taiko drumming lessons to a oragami workshop and sumo demonstrations, Japan is a destination where ancient traditions are fused with modern life.

Japan Culture & History Highlights

Asakusa Sensoji Temple

Sensoji is the oldest Buddhist temple and in Japan along with being  Tokyo’s most colorful and popular temples. Sensoji, located in Asakusa, Tokyo’s most popular sightseeing area.

Tokyo National Museum

Features one of the largest and best collections of art and archeological artifacts in Japan, made up of over 100,000 individual items including a hundred national treasures.

Osaka Castle

Osaka’s most prominent landmark, This five-story castle is one of the most visually spectacular creations in the country, with a history that dates back almost 450 years!.

Taiko Drumming Lessons

This is your chance to learn about the history and traditional techniques of the taiko drumming style. Historically taiko drums were a communication device with Samurai’s in their castles and outposts would use them to signal to each other.

Caligraphy Lesson

“Shodo” the Japanese word for calligraphy literally translates to “the way of writing.”  This is your opportunity to learn the elegant art of Japanese calligraphy, the mechanics and the spirit.

Sushi Making

Sushi is said to date back to 19th century Tokyo when it was invented to satisfy the hunger of busy tradespeople in the capital. Now, it is your turn to try your hand at creating one of the world’s most famous snacks.

Bonsai Cutting & Garden Visit

Visit a bonsai garden for a lecture on the art of bonsai, combined with the opportunity to cut and create based on the techniques explained.

Tokyo Sumo Practice Walking Tour

Get an inside look into Japan’s ancient, traditional national sport: sumo wrestling. On this training tour you’ll see the athletes practising, close up. Enjoy this exclusive insight into Japanese culture and history through this fascinating sport.

Washi Paper Making

Learn about this traditional process before getting your hands dirty making ‘washi’ (Japanese paper) the age-old way for yourself!

Miyajima Island

The island of Miyajima. A destination with its stunning shrines including the Itsukushima Shrine and the famous Grand Torii Gate. Enjoy the opportunity to walk through historic buildings and soak up the beautiful natural scenery.

Hiroshima Peace Park & Museum

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park and the museum is a place filled with people’s prayer for peace. The park is situated on the opposite side of the river from the Atomic Bomb Dome. Praying for eternal world peace, this park was established near the hypocenter of the atomic bomb explosion.

Mt Fuji

Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park. Enjoy views of one of Japan’s most iconic attractions Mt. Fuji, an iconic volcano that has come to symbolize Japan, with a perfectly symmetrical cone that rises to 12,388 feet.

Oragami Lesson

Experiencing Origami which helps to shed light on a lot of what Japan and Japanese people are about. Is it a game? A beautiful decoration? Or a serious piece of engineering. By the end of the lesson, you may have the answer.

Soba Making

Soba noodles are one of the classic comfort foods here in Tokyo. An expert local instructor will lead through the process of mixing the flour, kneading the dough the traditional way, rolling out and cutting into passable noodle shapes.

Samurai Training

Have your eyes opened wide with the speed, accuracy and dexterity of the opening high-speed swordsmanship demonstration. Then there will no hesitation when students put on a kimono and learn the etiquette and techniques of samurai swordsmanship, and the spirit or ‘o-lai’, with power, comes great responsibility.

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