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Thailand is a country known for it’s tropical beaches, magnificent royal palaces and ornate temples. The country has a strong infrastructure, having successfully transitioned into an industrialized nation. This fascinating study tour through Thailand provides students plenty of opportunities for encounters with the languages, cultures and friendly locals of this country.

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The capital and largest city in Thailand, Bangkok provides a cosmopolitan array of dazzling temples, glinting palaces. In this vibrant and enthralling city, the urban high-paced lifestyle blends perfectly with the values of the traditional culture.


Chiang Mai/ Chiang Rai

Northern Thailand is seen as a more cultural region of the country, known for its laid-back atmosphere and dense jungles, it still has plenty of excitement to offer. Vibrant landscapes and a plethora of attractions make it a regional favourite.


Kanchanaburi / Hua Hin

From lush forests with elephant trekking and bamboo rafting in Kanchanaburi to Hua Hin’s spectacular coastline, each destination offers something truly unique.



Inviting secluded lagoons, warm hospitality, world-class diving, hypnotic sunsets and fantastic southern cuisine make the tropical sand-fringed island of Phuket a top destination for visiting Thailand.


Koh Samui

Thailand’s second-largest island, Koh Samui is a diverse island of outstanding natural beauty located off the east coast of Southern Thailand. Covering a massive area of land and boasting white sandy beaches with extensive coral reefs, it is a quintessential ‘paradise’ retreat!



Located on the lower edge of the north region and 474 kilometers away from Bangkok, the province is most famous for the ruins of the ancient city Sukhothai which was the Thai capital during the 13th century. Meaning the “Dawn of Happiness”.

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