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Where can study tour programs be developed?
AET hosts customized faculty-led study tour programs in East and Southeast Asia destinations, such as Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Vietnam and Singapore.

What’s included in your programs?
What is included in your custom study tour program is completely dependent on your group’s specific needs and requests. That may include some level of collaboration on curriculum design and academic enhancements. We are able to offer transportation, accommodation, logistics, activities, administration, meal packages and exclusive visits to businesses related to your field of study.

If we only need help with specific logistical needs, can you provide us with support?
Yes, as an experienced tour operator we are able to customize services based on the specific needs of your organization and group. Submit your proposal to AET to discuss your logistical needs.

Do you offer 24/7 support?
Yes, we offer 24/7 on-site support during the duration of the tour. Participants will also have access to our dedicated on-site logistics coordinator along with guides at all times while traveling with us.

How else can Asia Education Travel help me?
For all AET programs, we provide program materials including a program e-manual, emergency and destination contact information to help students prepare for their upcoming study tour experience.

What is the maximum or minimum number of participants required to run a program?
There is a required minimum of ten participants for any custom study tour program. AET will work with you to determine the ideal number of participants for your program, based on your destination and program offerings. AET will be in close communication with you during the recruitment stage of the process.

Can AET fit our program budget?
AET believes in developing programs that are high quality while being cost-effective. We will collaborate with you to design a program that fits the budget requirements of your institution.

What standard of accommodation will be booked?
AET will book suitable 3-4-5 star accommodation, all of which are centrally located and have been carefully audited by our ground operators.

Are meals included throughout the journey?
Yes, all accommodation bookings include breakfast. Not only is this a common inclusion but it also provides a fantastic opportunity for the group to discuss the day ahead. Lunch and dinner options can also be included if necessary and we do recommend a welcome and farewell meal.

Are special dietary requirements catered for?
Asia Education Travel will always endeavour to cater for all medical dietary requirements however we cannot guarantee that all airlines, hotels and restaurants will provide an environment or meals free of specific allergens. For those with concerns of anaphylaxis or severe food allergies, we recommend appropriate medical precaution is taken. We always strongly advise seeking medical input on how best to manage severe allergies.

Does AET provide health travel insurance?
AET requires that all students and faculty need to be covered by a comprehensive insurance policy. Your institution may cover you under their travel insurance policy while you are on a study tour program. When students are not covered by there university or college.  If your university doesn’t cover you, you will need to purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy through a reputable provider and let us know the details prior to travel.

Do i need a visa?
You may need a visa, depending on which country you are travelling to. Please visit the embassy or consulate website for the place you are travelling to. Ensure your visa dates include your arrival and departure dates, and the whole time you’ll be in-country.

When is the deposit due?
Once a study tour program contract is signed. We will commence booking arrangements once we are in receipt of the initial total deposit amount. This deposit amount is due 2 weeks from being invoiced to the client.

When is the interim payment due?
The interim payment will be due 5 months prior to your arrival/departure date.

When is the final payment due?
The final balance will be due 8 weeks prior to your arrival/departure date.

How is payment to be made?
All direct deposit payments shall be issued and made to our company account.

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