Asia Education Travel encourages a positive attitude towards health and safety, and our commitment towards this is demonstrated in the selection of accommodation, transport and activity suppliers with good health & safety practices in place for our educational travel groups touring the Asian region. Our aim is to assist with developing and setting safety travel standards with a duty of care in meeting international recognized risk safety management standardsIn this ever-changing world of travel, health & safety is ever more apparent with a number of issues and incidents, occurring daily throughout the region and having the necessary relevant information on hand to access your travel group situation makes it vitally important. We”ll keep you in the loop with up to date travel conditions, safety measures and further developments with your study tour program. Our team will keep track of of the region’s travel measures to ensure peace of mind when planning your future study tour with us.

Health & Safety Measures

We provide 24 – hour support in country. We have emergency plans in place regarding communication and provide training to students on managing risk and emergency situations.

  1. AET work with audited and reputable suppliers in all destinations. Each destination is risk assessed to ensure the group safety is paramount and they comply with all local and national governing body or licensing authority requirements.
  2. Provide regular training to all on the ground staff on emergency action plans and crisis management procedures.
  3. We provide all the necessary documentation regarding transport, accommodation, support and final details of all participants to compliment the detailed itinerary and risk assessment created for your study tour.

Prior to the departure of a study tour program abroad,students are requested as a priority to register with STEP (USA), Smartraveler (Australia), FCDO (UK), etc. This allows your country’s government to contact students or find them in an emergency – whether it is a natural disaster, civil disturbance or family emergency etc. It may also be used to pass on other information, such as important travel advice and updates.

Your university/collage will also provide you with their own health & safety policies and procedures, as many use risk management vendors
(i.e International SOS, Life Alert, etc).


Our accommodation providers are required to complete our safety assessment which cover’s fire safety arrangements, and general safety including swimming pools and security. All of our accommodation provider’s certify must work and provide as a minimum:

  1. A valid operating license for the local country of operation.
  2. The evidence they are in possession of valid public liability insurance.
  3. Confirmation they comply with all local and national governing body or licensing authority requirements.


All activities and excursions conform to our own internal guidelines including, if applicable, the completion of relevant activity safety assessment based on the level of risk of the activity.


Our transport supplier’s which we assess the safety assessment which covers the management of vehicle maintenance, emergency procedures and driver hours & fatigue. All transportation suppliers we certify must provide as a minimum:

  1. A valid operating national license.
  2. The evidence they are in possession of public liability insurance and transport specific insurances.

All road and sea transportation provided as part of a tour complies with regulations set down by the appropriate national regulatory body in the country of operation.

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