Science & Technology school trips to Japan

Tour a motor factory facility to travelling on the iconic bullet train and visiting a world leading Japanese digital art company. Japan is a major economic power today, both in Asia and globally with many world-leading technologies, processes and services which offer immense educational value.

Japan Science & Technology Highlights

National Museum of Emerging Science

Learn about Japanese innovation, robotics and new technologies. With three different zones from innovation, robots, technology, biology, geography and space exploration. There are plenty of exhibits and activities for students to explore.

Shikansen Rail Experience

Exploring Japan has never been so fast. Take a ride on Japan’s high speed bullet trains, also known as Shinkansen trains, and give your students an experience like no other with speeds reaching up to 320 km/hr! Look out the window and see Japan’s various cities and local landscapes speed by.

Cyberdyne Studio

A company which develops medical robots and other technologies such as AI, and Information Systems. Here students can see and experience cutting edge robotic technology in particular medical rehabilitation.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)

Features world-class equipment and testing facilities for the country’s aerospace development program. This includes the ‘Kibo’ Flight Control Room, astronaut-training facilities and a replica of the ‘Kibo’ science module built by Japan for the International Space Station.

Japan Airlines Factory Tour and Museum

Enjoy a tour learning about JAL’S airline history, including decades of uniform designs, in-flight magazines, and model aircraft. There are hands-on experiences where you can try out different JAL jobs or take pictures in authentic uniforms.

Maglev Exhibition Center

Explore magnetic levitation, the technology that Japanese engineers use to design high-speed bullet trains. Fulfil your need for speed during an actual ride on a Maglev test train that reaches speeds of more than 300 mph, then build your own mini-Maglev in a hands-on superconducting magnets workshop.

Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park

The sprawling Tokyo Rinkai Disaster Prevention Park is home to the functioning headquarters of the disaster strategy response unit serving the Tokyo metropolitan area. The park has a visitor center, where you will be able to join a tour that includes a simulation of a large-scale earthquake in an urban setting.

TEPIA Gallery

Explore how artificial intelligence(AI) and the internet of things will affect various societal issues, from the ageing population to increases in inequality. There are also areas featuring robot exhibitions, hands-on computer programming experiences, and virtual reality.

TeamLab Planets

A world-leading Japanese digital art company. This 10,000 square meter space uses 520 computers and 470 projectors to create an experience that will stimulate student’s all five senses. There’s no set course for enjoying this digital art museum, so just let your curiosity and imagination wander, and pick any path to start.

AIST Science Square

A showroom of industrial technology. Topics students will learn about including green technology, life technology, and manufacturing technology.

Tokyo Skytree

This new icon of Tokyo was completed in 2011. Tokyo Skytree measures a staggering 634 meters tall and is currently the second – tallest free standing structure in the world.

Joypolis Indoor Sega Theme Park

Sega Joypolis Theme Park. Enjoy an all-access pass to thrilling rides and the latest virtual reality (VR) content on over 20 different attractions.

Japan Sample Programs

Japan Science & Technology Program

Tokyo Science & Technology Program

Tokyo Sustainability Program

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