Science & Technology school trips to South Korea

Experience the latest 4D technologies, visit a leading telecommunication company and scale the heights of Seoul’s tallest tower. South Korea is one of the world’s most innovative countries. A series of experiential learning for students with visits to advanced technological centres, and discovering what makes this country a technological titan.

South Korea Science & Technology Highlights

VR Station

Visit Korea’s largest VR themed park experience center. A variety of the latest VR technology contents and exciting multiplayer attractions.

Samsung Innovation Museum

Samsung Innovation Museum. Is an electronic industrial museum. Students can learn about the history of Korea’s electronic industry past, present and future of the semiconductor,display and mobile industries.

SK Telecom

One of South Korea’s leading telecommunications companies. Students will tour SK Telecom museum where they display the latest mobile technology.

Seoul Topis Center

Seoul Topis Center. Is an integrated data hub for smart city management which gathers and processes real-time information to enable the city to efficiently manage road and subway train traffic.

LG Science Hall

LG Science Hall is Korea’s first private sector hands-on science museum. It is dedicated to inspring students to pursue scientific reserach and the sciences.

Korea Territorial Development Museum

The Korea Territorial Development Museum presents the history of South Korea’s rapid development in architecture, urban infrastructure and transportation systems including highways, high-speed trains and airways.

Hyundai Motorstudio

The Hyundai Motorstudio is the largest automobile experiential theme park in Korea. Students get a chance to learn about how cars are manufactured and how they function in a fun and entertaining way.

Seoul Energy Dream Center

Seoul Energy Dream Center. Korea’s first energy self-sufficient public building. Here, students can understand a variety of energy principles and learn about the environment and climate change.

TtukdoArisu Water Purification Center

Visit TtukdoArisu Water Purification Center and learn about the water purification process to consuming clean and safe water.

Smart Seoul Exhibition Hall

Smart Seoul Exhibition Hall is the world’s first digital administrative smart city data platform. Seoul’s vision for smart city development aims to “change the lives of citizens” by ensuring it can provide real and tangible benefits for citizens in their day-to-day lives.

Seoul Upcycling Plaza

The Seoul Upcycling Plaza. The world’s largest upcycling-themed plaza. Upcycling, a compound word consisting of “upgrade” and “recycling,” refers to the process of generating new value by creating new designs using waste.

Mapo Resource Recovery Center

At the Mapo Resource Recovery Facility, students can see waste becoming precious resources. We invite students to the educational journey of this natural cycle.

MBC World

MBC World is Korea’s first broadcast theme park. The theme park’s main attractions include experience zones where students can experience being on stage with K-pop stars in a holographic form, learn dance moves from the stars or become the main character of a favorite K-drama.


A hands-on broadcasting station run by KBS, provides visitors with an opportunity to participate in a TV show. Here, students can become newsanchors,weathercastersand reporters, looking around the exhibition halls of this broadcasting station.


YTN is a 24-hour news channel. Students will have a guided tour detailing the news production process along with visiting a live studio broadcast and the control room, which is the heart of the news.

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