Science & Technology school trips to Taiwan

Students will discover what makes Taiwan a globally recognised STEM destination. Enjoy the world’s second – fastest elevator at Taipei 101 to experiencing a VR theme park and visiting Taiwan’s science and technology park version of Silicon Valley. Home to world-leading semiconductor manufacturing, biochemical and IT technology industries.

Taiwan Science & Technology Highlights

National Taiwan Science Education Centre

The National Taiwan Science Education Centre. Housing over 600 exhibits, permanent exhibitions about life sciences such as biology, zoology, and biodiversity, as well as material sciences such as physics, chemistry, and mathematics.

Taipei Astronomical Museum

The Taipei Astronomical Museum houses four floors of constellations, ancient astronomy, space science and observatories. IMAX and 3D theatres. Cosmic Adventure is a space journey simulator that trundles pod riders past the planets of the solar system.

Syntrend Creative Park

The Syntrend Creative Park is a technology mall showcasing the latest technology brands and their products along with the latest innovative exhibits such as the Viveland VR Theme Park that students can participate in.

Taipei Observatory 101

Students will take one of the world’s fastest-speed elevators to the top of Taipei Observatory 101, the world’s tallest green building, and look out over the city of Taipei. The tuned mass damper on the observation deck is the world’s largest and heaviest wind damper and the only one of its kind to be completely exposed.

i-Ride Theater

i-Ride Theater, featuring exclusive immersive somatosensory technology and the first patented six-axis platform technology. In the theatre, students will be able to virtually fly over Taiwan, enjoying Taiwan’s unique natural landscape and being wreathed with realistic effects of romantic wind and mist and exciting aromas as if they were really aloft in the air.

Hsinchu Science Park

Hsinchu science and tech park and Taiwan’s version of Silicon Valley, that is home to startups and more than 400 high-tech companies, primarily involved in semiconductors, computers, telecommunications, and optoelectronics.

TSMC Museum of Innovation

Taiwan Semiconductor Microelectronics Corporation and one of the largest semiconductor companies in the world. Students will visit the TSMC Museum of Innovation and enjoy a guided tour and learn the science and engineering of how semiconductors and integrated circuits shape our daily lives, along with learning how TSMC contributes to global innovation and to Taiwan’s economy.

Science Park Exploration Museum

Science Park Exploration Museum. Have a chance to explore the history and development of the Hsinchu Science Park and Taiwan’s industrial manufacturers. The exploration museum’s permenant exhibition explores the history of the park and the impact of technology and innovation.

High-Speed Train Experience

Enjoy a trip on Taiwan’s High Speed Rail (HSR). Running at over 300 km/hour, you can get from Taipei up north to Kaohsiung in the south—end to end of the country—in just 96 minutes.

National Museum of Marine Science

The National Museum of Marine Science is home to some of Taiwan’s most exotic marine diversity. There are various theme exhibition halls and exhibition areas within the museum that combine exhibition, education, research, and collection with leisure education and entertainment functions.

National Museum of Marine Biology

The National Museum of Marine Biology is Taiwan’s largest marine ecology display center and witness one of Asia’s longest underwater tunnels and intriguing marine life from around the world.

National Museum of Natural Science

The National Museum of Natural Science is a major science learning centre with over 30 permanent exhibit areas covering subjects on astronomy, space science, paleontology, ecology, gems and minerals, Taiwanese Aborigines, and tropical plants.

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